Toylie Penis Sleeves
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Pimp Up Your Pride and Joy With a Toylie
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Known from the largest sex communities in Germany!

Toylie penis sleeves are a new sex toy for couples. They are colorful, fun and spice up your sex life. Put on like a condom, Toylies impress with design, visual appeal and functional variety. Don’t wait to discover the new sensation during your next encounter with that special someone.

Joyclub members test the iconic Toylies

The Community is in a Toylie rush

The high-class men’s magazine Tattoo Erotica is giving away our colorful toylies


Toylies in different sizes

Our Toylie penis sleeves with dangler pouch are available in many sizes. From small to LARGE, we have something for everyone !


Fruits or vegetables for your healthy pleasure

Brand new world wide !!! Toylie penis sleeves in the shape of a banana, cucumber or corncob,
only available at Toylie, even available in two shaft lengths.


Toylie penis sleeve with function

For an absolutely new experience, try our Toylies with function. Try with penis or testicle ring, or both !


In six different colors

Our Toylies are available in 6 different colors. Especially funky is the neon-orange, which glows under black light

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Toylie products

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Our staff at Toylie are latex product experts. Years of experience in latex production has brought the Toylie team to the point of being able to offer the highest quality latex products, our Toylies. Our product developers are able to manufacture just about anything from latex! Whether florescent, neon, multi-color or fancy shapes, they are experts in their field.


All our Toylies are made from high grade natural latex.


Our exquisite Toylies are made by hand and with amazing detail, all in our manufactory.


Our environment is very important. Hence we use only natural biodegradable raw materials.

What’s also very important to us:

Protecting our environment, as well as renouncing harmful substances such as softeners. This is why we only use high grade natural latex. Natural latex is a naturally produced raw material made from the milky juice from the tropical rubber tree, which possesses a very fine consistency, a perfect elasticity with a lot of strength. A very thorough washing process ensures our latex product is as allergen free as possible. An additional significant benefit is how fast the latex matches body temperature. In addition, the Toylie penis sleeves are easy to care for and long lasting.

The Toylie Manufactory