Our Team

Innovation, experience, competence and the highest possible quality are the traits of the toylie team! We are latex experts. We set trends!

Quality & Innovation

As well as dependable, customer oriented service are central at Toylie. We offer our customers a vast variety of high-end latex products. Our motivation is always the satisfied customer. For that we give our all, daily, fast and hassle free, while having fun ourselves. Toylie does not only make high quality penis sleeves, we set trends! This is proven by the feedback from our customers.

Protecting our environment and refusing to use harmful ingredients such as softeners is crucial for us. For this reason we use only high quality natural latex. Made from the milky juice of the tropical rubber tree, natural latex is biodegradable and has a very fine consistency. It is extremely strong with perfect elasticity.

Klaus Kolpack


Tel: +49 (0) 3302 2067707

Mail: kk@toylie.de