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How to properly put on a penis sleeve


In order to enjoy your Toylie product many times,

the following tip should be followed:


Do not expose your latex product to direct sunlight or heat for long periods of time. Latex must not come in contact with metal (such as a zipper), or there could be discolorations.

Latex is very flexible but also easily damaged by sharp objects such as long fingernails or jewelry, etc.

Proper Measuring

Measuring the penis must happen while erect.

The best tools are a ruler and measuring tape, allowing you to ascertain both length and diameter.

Determining shaft length:

Place the ruler below and along the side of the penis,

measuring from the scrotum to the tip.


Determining the diameter:

Place the measuring tape around the shaft at the middle of the penis.

The diameter is established by taking your measurement and dividing by 3.14.

Example Danny: Measurement is 11 cm, divided by 3.14 = 3.5 cm diameter.



Be honest with yourself when measuring in order to find the most comfortable fit. Toylie penis sleeves do provide some elasticity

which experience has shown to be as follows (approximately):

+ 1 cm for length

+ 0.5 cm for diameter

For the most comfortable experiences, it is recommended to stay in line with the correct measurement.

Putting on and taking off the Toylie penis sleeve


Prior to placing the sleeve on your penis you should

apply silicone oil or your lubricant of choice to the inside of your Toylie.

You will avoid possible air pockets and it will glide on with ease.

Slide the penis into the sleeve

through the opening.


Carefully squeeze out any air bubbles that may have been created,

then stretch the opening to tuck in the danglers.



Placing the sleeve and removing it requires practice.

Do not be discouraged if you encounter difficulties during the first few attempts.

During removal, again stretch the opening to take out the scrotum and then simply slide it off the shaft,

always being careful not to pinch anything.!

Cleaning and Care

Latex products should be cleaned in warm water without any kind of soap or chemicals.

The exception are latex specific cleansers or detergents.

Use a soft cloth to wipe and then air dry your Toylie.

The best care is provided when the Toylie penis sleeve is treated in talcum powder and/or silicon oil and kept in a dark and cool location.

Please Note

This product is made with natural latex which may still cause an allergic reaction.

If any symptoms develop or any health problems occur, please consult a physician immediately.