Toylie Latex Penis/Testicle Ring Set of 3 “Hans” – in 6 Colors

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Hans is the perfect penis/testicle ring, this set of three differently sized rings not only gives your best piece a special look but also a new emotional explosion.

The 15 mm wide rings made of 100% latex are flexible and stretchy, so they always sit perfectly. Wear a ring or combination of rings to increase your stamina in lovemaking with your partner. Hans the set of 3 rings is available in 6 colors, neon orange even has the property to shine under black light.

  • Inner diameter large ring (L): 42 mm
  • Inner diameter middle ring (M): 36 mm
  • Inner diameter of small ring (S): 32 mm

A guide to measuring and tightening properly can be found here.

The product is delivered completely treated with talc or silicone oil in order to guarantee a long service life ex works.

To achieve a glossy look, we recommend a latex gloss spray.

“Hans” the cockring set, for beginners and professionals!

Nature Latex

All our latex toylies are made exclusively from high quality natural latex. Natural latex is extracted from the milky juice of the tropical rubber tree.

Fancy Design

Our latex toylies impress with a perfectly crafted design. All sleeves have their own character that take full advantage of the charm.

Hand Work

The noble latex toylies are created in our manufactory in fine craftsmanship. “Handmade with Love” is our motto!


For the production of our latex toylies, we rely on ecologically compatible production. Have fun with a clear conscience!

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If any symptoms develop or any health problems occur, please consult a physician immediately., This product is made with natural latex which may still cause an allergic reaction.